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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Miraculously Clean!

I am a retail store manager's dream. I am the reason they strategically place the low cost, high margin, fit-in-one-hand products at the cash register counter. I am the impulse buyer. I often find myself standing at the front of a grocery line reaching out for some "thingamabob" or "whatchamacallit"as my husband instinctively slaps my hand away.

In this case it was a "If you like that item, be sure to check out this" moment. Just as I am about to click "Check Out Now," my computer suggests I take a look at "Miracle Groom." So I think to myself, "I like miracles," and click on.

Now what hooked me on this particular purchase was the fact that this simple spray-on product boasted that it could clean, condition, deodorize, detangle, and shine my horse's coat, all without soap or water. So for $9.95 and a modest shipping charge, I put Miracle Groom to the test. 

Though it isn't a replacement for an actual soap and water bath, Miracle Groom is great for regular grooming, between bath touch-ups, and cold weather cleaning. It leaves my horses' coats soft, shiny, and smelling fresh.  It also seems to act as a sort of dirt barrier, and the dust and dirt falls off easily on the next grooming.

And unlike some of the other coat shine products, you can spray it on before a ride without having to worry about your saddle sliding off. So overall, a great multi-purpose product. Not quite a miracle, but definitely on the right track!

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