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Monday, September 27, 2010

Never Underestimate the Kindness of Equestrians

My husband and I moved into our house in the Spring of 2007. Until last week, I had only officially met 2 of our neighbors (the two whose property butts up to ours). But soon after we moved the horses home, everything changed.

When we were building the pasture, I began noticing cars slowing down as they passed the house, but it didn't occur to me why until about a week after the horses came home. That first week, the neighbor kids came over for George's first official pony rides at the new barn. About a week later, two horses (and their riders) came walking down the driveway to meet the new "Neigh"bors (sorry, couldn't help myself). They even offered to lend us a saddle for the new horse until we could order her one.

Then, the "Horsies!" cries from neighborhood children as we walked down the road provided a fond reminder of my own childhood and confirmation that our newfound popularity had nothing to do with my witty charm. And finally, just last week our across-the-street neighbor (who had previously offered me a leg up when he saw me walking my horse home from a exercise in buddy sourness...twice), but have never officially been introduced to, offered us access to a riding trail, open field and arena that we didn't even know existed!

So I guess the moral of this story is that horses bring people together! Okay, that's pretty corny. How about some Cowboy Logic instead?

Cowboy Logic of the Day
"If you work for a man, ride for his brand. Treat his cattle as if they were your own."


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