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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Dumbest" Horse Ad Ever...

I stumbled upon an ad today titled "For Sale: Dumbest Paint Horse Ever"
Thinking it was a joke, I clicked on the link to see what crazy antics those Craigslist-ers were up to today. And to my surprise, it was an actual listing from someone trying to sell a horse they'd deemed to be the dumbest paint horse ever! And likely targeting the dumbest buyer ever.

That's not to say that $600 is a huge amount to pay for a horse, but for the "dumbest paint horse ever"? I can find plenty of dumb horses on the market for free or close to it.  As a matter of fact, there are probably a few horse owners out there that would pay me to take their dumb horses. 

But I do appreciate the honesty of this seller and genuinely feel sorry for her situation. 
So let's see what you think. The ad is below (my thoughts are in red)...

This isn't Rocky, but possibly a distant relative?
"(I am going to write this ad as honestly as possible {how refreshing}, so forgive my bluntness please, but I want this guy to end up in the most suitable home possible for him.)
Rocky (APHA Name: Scenic Rocket Bar) is an 11 year old APHA registered gelding who is possibly the dumbest horse I've ever owned (through no fault of his own) {possibly? That doesn't say much for your background}. Currently stands 15.3h (with an official stick, on concrete, this is not an eyeball estimate) and is essentially a golden retriever with hooves. His previous owner passed away due to brain cancer, and Rocky was his pasture pet, so he essentially never had to do anything except be loved on and stand around looking pretty for 10 years (which he is extremely good at). He has WONDERFUL ground manners, is a doll for the farrier and vet, and couldn't be any sweeter, but under saddle, he's dumb as a stone. There isn't a mean bone in his body {that he can remember}, but he genuinely needs to be taught to use his brain as he currently has the retention capabilities of a brick. He will lunge no problem, walk, trot, whoa, back, etc without a problem under saddle (runs into his canter, but its there), but you need to be very clear and basically treat him like a 3 year old since he tends to forget everything you taught him the day before. He's just very reliant on his owner/rider for direction and instruction, and as I do only barrel racing & pole bending, I need a horse with something between his ears other than dust and cobwebs. He lives up to the phrase "Nice house, nobody home" and he's a wonderful horse to have around the barn  {if you're not counting that he is the dumbest horse ever} (no bad habits, easy to get along with, low man on the totem pole), but my horses have to be able to work for me, and asking him to run a pole pattern (with 12+ flying changes) is a monumental task that I think would end with him needing a psychotherapist. His ideal situation would be a teenager {yes, let's suggest a 1,000 pound animal with training issues to a child. Good thinking!} that wants her own (cheap), pretty gelding that will love on him and mess with him on a daily basis and eventually take him to 4H or open shows or make him into a playday horse. He is UTD on shots, worming, 2010 Coggins etc, had his teeth floated in May and had a Power Pac done at the same time. He IS low man on the totem pole (definitely a gentle giant) and the other horses pick on him {wouldn't you?} (he would rather run away and go off by himself than hang with the herd), so he's a little thin right now {probably forgets to eat}(compared to the pictures from Feb), but he's gaining weight steadily. He has nice hard feet {matches his hard head nicely} and will most likely never need shoes. Price on this guy is $600. That's what I paid for him in Feb {I'm sorry for your loss}, with no vet work, etc, so I have a LOT more into him than that, but he's doing nothing here except being a lawn ornament and while he does it very well, its not fitting into my program. Phone calls only please, I can be reached anytime at (248)XXX-XXXX, please leave a voicemail if no answer {because they will be very busy taking calls from prospective buyers}."

Cowboy Logic of the Day
"It don't take a genius to spot a goat in a flock of sheep"

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Anonymous Maryann J. said...

Too funny!! And how many people have the $$$ to feed and care for this horse? By the way, if she knows so much about horses, how did they manage to squeeze $600 out of her in February? Are you sure this is the dumbest HORSE ever?

July 29, 2010 at 11:46 AM 
Anonymous Christine G. said...

Awwwww, I think he sounds like a sweetie! He reminds me of Ferdinand the Bull (remember that old story?), a gentle giant who likes to smell the flowers.

July 30, 2010 at 9:33 AM 

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