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Saturday, June 26, 2010

How Not to Sell Your Horse

Even when I'm not actually "shopping" for a horse, I still like to browse the online horse ads occasionally (okay, so every day).  I've seen novel-like ads that include everything but the horse's favorite color, and then I've seen the bare minimum ads ("Black Horse $150, Call xxx-xxxx"). But which way is the right way, you ask? Well first, let's examine some of the "wrong way" examples of horse sales.

Here's one I've seen a few variations of, and it always gives me a little chuckle:
"13 year old thoroughbred gelding for sale. I have too many horses, and not enough money! ...  I might consider a trade on a paint."
Do paint horses cost less to feed?  

"Pasture Companion - $450 obo"
So you're gonna pay me $450 to take the horse that you can't afford to retire, right?

"I never had the time for her since i rescued her from some hick!...rebreeding by stud for extra 75$ thank you...please bid higher then the meat guy. he has offered 200$ for each horse."
Wait...what? You rescued this poor little mare, but you're willing to sell her to the meat guy? I'm not sure which part is worse - that, or the fact that they are still breeding these poor animals!

Now those are just a few of the many great examples of what not to do. 
For my full list of "How-To"  horse advertising essentials, Click Here!

Make sure to list your "Horse for Sale" ads on these great websites!

Horse Classifieds -
Cowboy Logic of the Day
"Comin' as close to the truth as a man can come without actually gettin' there is comin' pretty close, but it still ain't the truth."


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