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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Breed of the Week - the Haflinger

Bred to both ride and drive, the Haflinger is truly a versatile breed. With the strong, stoutness of a draft horse and the elegant, intelligent face of the Arabian, Haflingers can be found anywhere from the farmer's field to the show ring.

The breed dates back to 1874 in the Tyrolean Village of Hafling (which was once a part of Austria and now belongs to Italy). The first Haflinger was bred from a half Arabian stallion and Tyrolean Mare. Though relatively small in the horse world (Generally range from 13.2 hh - 15 hh), Haflingers are known for their impressive versatility and striking good looks (golden chestnut coloring with a flaxen mane & tail).  

If you are looking for your next work horse, show horse or all around family horse, make sure to check out some of these local(ish) Haflinger Farms:



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