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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Buckskin vs. Dun

While perusing the local horse classifieds for possible new additions to my little herd, I often see listings that use the colors "buckskin" and "dun" interchangeably. And though it probably isn't as pertinent to horse advertising as the differences between levels of "broke" (ex. "Green Broke" = "I almost had a saddle on her once"). So in case you've ever wondered what the difference is, here you go...

Though there are many variations of the dun coloring (red dun, grullo/grulla, bay dun, etc.), there are a few other traits that distinguish Duns.

Dun Markings (from 
Any individual horse may have most, but not necessarily all of these traits:
  • diluted body color, somewhat like that of the Creme gene (this one is a MUST-HAVE)
  • dorsal stripe (this one is a MUST-HAVE), often confused with Countershading
  • zebra stripes on knees and hocks
  • ear lining and tips: top one-third of the ear on its back side darker than body color
  • fawn color inside of ears
  • mane and tail lined with lighter color (2-color mane & tail)
  • cob-webbing on face
  • face darker than body color 


     A true colored buckskin should be the color of tanned deerhide with black points.  Shades may vary from yellow to dark gold. Points (mane, tail, legs) can be dark brown or black. Buckskin is clean of any smuttiness. Guard hairs which are buckskin colored grow through the body coat up over the base of the mane and tail.


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